I don't like painting, I'm obsessed by it.

Josef Winkler was born in 1925 and has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the classes of Prof. Josef Dobrowski and Prof. Herbert Boeckl and at Art School Guildford near London.
Then he startet his long-time career as art dealer for both antiques, paintings and sculptures. Only after he reached his retirement age he started painting again.
During the past more than 30 years he developed his unique artistic style. His abstract expressionist paintings reach from reduced with only a few strokes to works that are more like wall sculptures. Many layers of acrylic mixed with sand and lots of other materials sometimes even combined with different objects.

Day by day he still works in his studio creating most fascinating works, always following his strict motto: “I will never ever repeat myself.”

Josef Winkler is represented worldwide by Klasan Gallery, Christian Klasan.

Overview of exhibitions from 1991 to 2022 >>>

Overview of works

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Special offer

From time to time, Josef Winkler  offers one very special work of his portfolio at a reduced price. This is a perfect opportunity for art enthusiasts to start collecting his works.

acrylic/mixed media on wood plate, 40 x 40 cm, 2011 – € 3.400

SPECIAL OFFER until 30 April 2024 – € 2.000

Solo Exhibition “Josef Winkler”
at Stadtgalerie Wr. Neustadt, Austria
15 April – 11 June 2024

Coming close to Josef Winkler’s 99th birthday, this exhibition gives an overview of his portfolio from the beginning in 1948 to his very last painting. (curated by art historian Hartwig Knack)

Photos of  the opening reception on 15 April 2024 >>>

Solo Exhibition “The Circle’s complete”
at Haus der Kunst, Baden, Austria
28 April – 8 May 2022

Curated by art historian Hartwig Knack this exhibit featured the newest works of recent months as well as some works from Josef Winkler beginnings as painter in 1948.

In the center of the exhibition some of Winkler’s sculptures of his series “Corona and me” were presented.

Photos of the exhibition, the opening reception and the preparation of the exhibition >>>

Solo Exhibition
at FORUM KUNST contemporary 
Millstatt, Carinthia, Austria
18 September – 31 October, 2021

Gallerist Eleonore Schäfer and curator Andrea K. Schlehwein have prepared an extraordinary exhibition of Josef Winkler works of the past three decades. 
In the very special atmosphere of the gallery at Stift Millstatt his paintings develop a striking expression to the viewers.

During the opening reception on September 18, 2021 a fantastic dance performance even increased the exceptional expression of Josef Winklers works.

Photos of the exhibition, the opening reception and the dance performance >>>

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